is a unique field in its own and requires a lot of creativity. iRED knows what it takes to create a brand. To cater to all the requirements of the ever growing business sector, we offer customized professional visual design solutions for a broad range of . Experience from a vast array of creative disciplines including fine art, , and typography as well as a high level of technical capability allows iRED to provide clients with top quality designs. We plan, develop and deliver any size project from small business branding package, logos, business cards, brochures to comprehensive branding-identity packages for large establishments. iRED delivers custom that enable businesses to present a clear message and professional image to their customer markets.


We want to quickly understand your history, your audience, your objectives, your competitors, and your market, so we can generate that promotes positive public engagement with your brand and tells your company story. That could be a 15 minute conversation over the phone or lengthy research project, but we believe building a creative brief is foundational to achieving the objectives.

Tasks we undertake are

  • Corporate Branding Exercise
  • Invite Designing
  • Product and Corporate Brochure
  • Posters and banners
  • Instructional and training materials
  • Complete corporate identity kits
  • Brand Identity Design