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With our setups, you can communicate with your customers, suppliers & other business associates, effortlessly. We not only install these systems but take all necessary steps to ensure that you get the most return by having an optimized phone system installed for your business.
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Phone Systems

The world at your finger tips

"The world at your fingertips" is not just a phrase anymore! Today we live in the era where the world is becoming smaller and communication is an indispensable part of our lives. iRED is glad to assist the corporate world with intelligent solutions in ranging from Digital and to Hybrid Exchange Infrastructure.

To enhance your communication network with high quality, value added yet cost effective solution; we offer advanced phone systems that will meet your requirements. Our qualified team of pre-sales engineers and technicians are capable of delivering an end-to-end turnkey solution to suite your specific requirements. We currently provide three brands of

D Link IP Telephone Systems

D-Link is a complete IP-based PABX with features you'd only expect from higher-end systems. The device is a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) telephony switch that includes an auto-attendant, call-forwarding and hold capability, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), voice mail with Web-based user access, and support for all needed extensions.

has also managed to keep all telephony-related administration straightforward. Adding a new user or a new extension, for example, merely requires a few mouse clicks in the Call Server section of the Web interface. Registration involves nothing more than assigning the new user name and extension to a valid SIP communications protocol ID on the network.

Avaya IP Telephone Systems

Avaya IP Office software helps midsize companies improve operations and unify a mobile, distributed workforce. This powerful, simple unified communications and collaboration solution delivers a seamless experience for voice, video, and mobility regardless of the device. is flexible and easy to use and manage. Scale from a simple business phone system for as few as five users to a full-size collaboration solution for up to 2,000 users.

Avaya has more than 350,000 deployed worldwide, supporting more than 12 million users. Customer experience continues to guide development for Avaya IP Office, which earned the TMC Labs 2013 Innovation Award for significant creativity and originality.

Panasonic Digital Hybrid System

Panasonic is the most well known brand today when it comes to Telephone Systems. The most basic model KX-TES824 is provided by Panasonic, which is supplied for 3 lines and 8 extensions, and can be expanded to a maximum configuration of 8 lines and 24 extensions. DISA/Message on busy is a new feature as is Extension CLI (option) and USB for PC programming. The new offers a superb solution for most small to medium size businesses. Features include group working, system speed dials, personal speed numbers, internal / external music-on-hold, paging and auto-attendant.

The KX-TES824 Control Unit provides an initial capacity for three exchange lines and eight extensions but with the addition of cards can easily expand up to eight exchange lines and twenty-four extensions. Extensions can be standard , or Panasonic

IP Phone Benefits

Lower Costs

Lower Costs Reduce your communication costs several folds

Missed Call notifications

Missed Call notifications Get professional voice mail box and notification when you miss a call

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Forward your calls to your mobile

Monitor usage

Monitor usage Monitor call usage by user

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