Erroneous entries with spelling mistakes, illegible writing that can't be understood, improper tracking of transactions are some of the most common issues that mark cheque creation. Manually writing cheques can be a tedious task yet they do not present a great image for any Individual or Business.

iRED’s latest offering; Quick Cheque; is a & Bank Book Management software that enables Businesses and Individuals to write & manage cheques in the easiest, most accurate and secure manner. According to a research, are more secure against tampering in comparison to hand-written cheques. Quick Cheque reduces spelling errors & and makes your cheques look professional while portraying a better impression of you & your company.

Quick Cheque presents an easy, secure, accurate and cost effective solution for .

Key Features

  • Use of any office printer

    Quick Cheque allows you to print with any . It lists down the printers available on your computer thus allowing you to select and print using any printer.

  • User definable Banks and Bank Accounts

    You can define multiple Banks and Bank Accounts in Quick Cheque to suite your requirements. Certain key information such as the account number, holder's name, branch name etc. can also be recorded for ready reference. Apart from this Quick Cheque allows you to maintain the current balance of the account in order to prevent you from issuing cheques from an account which is running low on balance.

  • User definable Cheque Books

    Cheque books are maintained in the system along with relevant information like the cheque book number, number of leafs, starting number, issue date etc. Once set, the system automatically tracks the usage of cheques from the cheque book.

  • before printing

    Quick Cheque allows you to preview the created cheque on the cheque template before printing. This helps you the accuracy before you print.

  • Create Post Dated Cheques

    Quick Cheque has the option to create Post Dated Cheques for the same party in case you want to issue Post Dated Cheques. This not only saves time but also ensures that the dates and amounts of these cheques are correct.

  • Print Bulk Cheques

    You can in one go using Quick Cheque.

  • Export data from Quick Cheque into an excel file

    Quick Cheque gives you an option to export data pertaining to various into an excel file for further analysis and records.

Read more about Quick Cheque on If you wish to know more about and how it can assist you in achieving the above, please contact us and a member of our sales team will be happy to assist you.