Time Attendance Systems

Keep a track to be on track

Keep a track to be on track

We provide easy to use time & attendance systems in BAHRAIN & UAE for managing employee attendance Using face and multi-biometric identification techniques. you to automate your company's timekeeping and attendance tracking. With built-in setup wizards and simplified daily operations, these Time & Attendance systems from Fingertec, and completely eliminate paper time sheets.
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Time Attendance Systems

Installation across Middle East - BAHRAIN & UAE

Still using outmoded methods for managing employee work time? Using cards and handwritten journals cannot ensure the proper level of effectiveness and accuracy. iRED is glad to offer a solution with Time-Attendance & , which makes managing your employees and physical security effortless & accurate.Being ideal for businesses of any size, Time-Attendance systems ensure that the most high value asset of the company, employee work time, is used effectively.

Contact less systems for Hygienic attendance requirements

With face detection systems, users can identify themselves by just showing their face in front of the device. The TFT color touch screen and a robust face detection algorithm ensures that you get a rich experience with simplicity. The devices use a state of the art 3D imaging technology to recognize faces and provide a hygienic 100% touch-free biometric authentication.

Time-Attendance systems are flexible and can be used for

  • Time and attendance and access control of employees, using both standard means of identification (contactless card, passwords, PIN codes) and biometric ones (fingerprints).
  • Creation and management of and rules regulating employee access to restricted areas and checkpoints.
  • Employee time analysis and reports generated based on verified check in and checkout events.
  • Automation of time-keeping routines and management of absences...and much more.

Time & Attendance system advantages

  • Time & Attendance system significantly reduces time and attendance costs
  • Collects online information about an employee’s presence in the .
  • easy schedule creation and physical access rules.
  • Generates various reports based on a variety of criteria.
  • Integrates to existing payroll system
  • Allows you discrete control of employee access to secured, highly restricted areas and checkpoints. Create and manage areas, access schedules and rules enabling customizationof authorized access for an individual employee, a department or for the entire company.
  • Makes it easy to keep track of all employee movements across all company offices from a central server.

Return on Investment

  • Purchase of Time-attendance system is a step towards more effective company management. This is not an expense, but a profitable investment.

Biometric System Benefits

Lower Costs

Lower Costs Reduce your cost of getting attendance marked

Encourage Transparency

Encourage Transparency Face or fingerprint detection allows a transparent & accountable approach towards attendance

Avoid Queue

Avoid Queue Up to 100 employees can mark their attendance in less than 5 minutes

Digital Data

Digital Data Get all the attendance data in electronic format to process it directly

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